Muhammad Almas

Senior Litigation Counsel

Muhammad Almas (“Almas”) has extensive experience of 30 years in litigation in the lower courts, High Court, Tribunals and Supreme Court. Almas is an Advocate of the Supreme Court and is based in Lahore. He served as an Assistant Attorney General for Pakistan in the Lahore High Court during which he represented the Federal Government and allied departments in a large number of cases. Almas has also worked as Special Public Prosecutor in the Special Court Offences (in respect of Banks) and represented the Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) and Punjab Police in a large number of these cases. His practice at one of Pakistan’s leading chambers for 20 years has given him extensive experience in litigation in all courts in Pakistan. Almas has represented individuals, local and multinational corporations and banks in a variety of cases involving corporate, criminal and civil law in the Civil Courts, Banking Courts, Special Courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan