White Collar Crime

New laws and increased penalties are placing individuals and businesses under great scrutiny in virtually every industry. Regulatory agencies are designed to target white-collar criminals. If you have been arrested for embezzlement, fraud or tax evasion, you need to hire a lawyer who understands the complexities of these regulatory laws. When it comes to white-collar crime, the lawyers at Asma Hamid & Associates know how to protect your rights and provide a strong defence. In fact, by engaging in proactive representation clients can avoid charges entirely.

Specialisations and Experience

  • Antitrust and competition.
  • Business ethics and anti-corruption.
  • Corporate fraud.
  • Corporate governance and compliance.
  • Disclosure.
  • Internal investigations.
  • Regulation and investigations.
  • Risk advisory.
  • Sanctions.
  • Securities regulation and enforcement.
  • Tax.