Fintech Law

As the world of financial technology is rapidly evolving, it is clear that fintech is the future of financial services. As such it is extremely important to tackle regulatory challenges companies face as they pave the way for new innovations in the financial services and banking industries, changing the way people spend, invest, and lend money. AHA’s Founder Asma Hamid was appointed a Member of SECP’s Working Group on Creating a Conducive Regulatory Environment for Fintech Solutions – 2018 -19; her contribution to the groundwork for legislation to regulate fintech businesses is widely acknowledged. At Asma Hamid & Associates, we help find market opportunities in an increasingly competitive environment and help companies leverage new technology and provide strategic legal input to not only ensure compliance with applicable law and regulation but also to manage legal risk and draft terms of business for new business models.

Specialisations and Experience

  • Consumer financial services
  • Compliance with public and private regulatory requirements
  • Block chain and Digital Assets
  • Alternative Loans and Finance
  • Electronic Financial Services
  • Electronic Trading Activities
  • Fund and investment adviser formation and related regulatory matters
  • Data Protection Laws
  • Joint ventures and outsourcing
  • Structured finance and securitization
  • Technology and software disputes